Terms of Use

Probash Time extends a warm welcome to its readers and visitors, introducing them to the terms and conditions governing the usage of Probash Time and its associated content, services, and applications. Access to Probash Time content is available through various channels including the world wide web, digital platforms, and social media.

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Intellectual Property Rights
Regarding Intellectual Property Rights, all content, logos, copyrights, trademarks, patents, images, text, graphics, domain names, audio, video, and other related intellectual property of Probash Time belong solely to Probash Time. Users are not entitled to claim any rights over Probash Time’s intellectual property, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Additionally, users are prohibited from creating derivative works from Probash Time’s content.

Your use of our services
Users are expected to utilize Probash Time services for lawful purposes only and for reading purposes. Audio and video elements on the website are restricted to listening and viewing only. Probash Time encourages users to share its content on their social media profiles, groups, and communities, provided that the content remains unaltered.

The services provided by Probash Time are for non-commercial use only. Users may utilize available services for personal and private purposes exclusively and must refrain from exploiting, selling, or using any content for commercial gain.

Taking down contents
Probash Time reserves the right to remove any content from its website at any time. Users are obligated to remove content from their devices upon request from Probash Time.

Unauthorized and prohibited activities
Unauthorized activities, such as associating Probash Time with political parties or engaging in defamatory behavior, are strictly prohibited. Users must refrain from harassing or upsetting others and from posting offensive, obscene, or immoral content.

Prohibition on sharing mark, contents, images
Sharing Probash Time’s marks, content, or images for any purpose, commercial or otherwise, is prohibited. Users are not permitted to claim credit for content or images shared, published, or generated by Probash Time.