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About Probash Time

Probash Time, an online news platform, endeavors to deliver accurate and impartial news and perspectives for Bangladeshi audiences both within the country and abroad. Established in 2019 under the ownership of Probashi Group Limited, it proudly proclaims itself as the premier Bangla news portal for migrants. While its primary focus lies on migrant-related news and updates from the Middle East, Probash Time also covers a diverse range of topics including international affairs, sports, entertainment, technology, features, and opinion pieces.

Distinguished by its multimedia approach to journalism, Probash Time integrates audio, video, infographics, and web stories to offer a comprehensive news experience. Led by Byjed Al Hassan, an esteemed figure in Bangladeshi journalism with over 12 years of experience, the platform is staffed with a team of young, passionate, and seasoned journalists who prioritize storytelling to simplify complex issues for their readers.

Objective: The primary objective of Probash Time is to deliver the latest news promptly, without compromising on accuracy, objectivity, or fairness. Adhering to the foundational principles outlined in the Bangladesh constitution, Probash Time endeavors to foster public opinion supportive of the country’s liberation war and upholds fundamental values such as national sovereignty, democracy, and secularism. Additionally, the platform advocates for the human and civil rights of all citizens.

Ethics Policy: Probash Time maintains the highest ethical standards, emphasizing fairness, accuracy, and objectivity in its reporting to preserve its integrity and earn the trust of its audience. The platform remains transparent with its readers and maintains neutrality in conflicts between justice and injustice or right and wrong. It stands firm on issues concerning national interests, human rights, rule of law, gender equality, and freedom of the press, irrespective of consequences.

Fact-Checking Policy: Recognizing the importance of fact-checking in journalism, Probash Time meticulously verifies information before publication, utilizing a network of correspondents worldwide to gather diverse perspectives and cross-check details provided by witnesses, locals, and authorities.

Corrections Policy: While striving for accuracy, Probash Time acknowledges that errors may occur despite rigorous procedures. In such cases, the platform promptly corrects the mistake, providing clear explanations to its audience about the nature of the error and the correct information. Major corrections are highlighted with a ‘rejoinder’ on the website for transparency.

Organogram: The Editor oversees all departments, including news, reporting, and editorial units, with support from the chief news editor and designated departmental ‘In-charges’ responsible for workflow management.

Ownership & Funding: Probash Time operates under the ownership of Probashi Group, serving the global Bangladeshi community since its inception in 2019. Its focus remains on delivering news relevant to non-resident Bangladeshis (NRBs) worldwide.